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Tracing Ancestors

If you desire to have us assist with tracing your Blackfoot (aka Blackfeet) ancestors, you must pay a $20.00 fee in addition to providing us with certain basic information. Please include the following: Names, date of birth and, if deceased, date of death, place of birth and death, names and birthdays of spouse(s), names of children and (if available) the Indian enrollment numbers of relatives and of those in question.

We will acknowledge receipt of your questions and payment, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Please be aware to include Indian names, as well as those in English, because in instances of those who have adopted names, their names were often changed from Indian to English.

We will also contact the Bloods, Piegan and Siksika (Blackfeet tribes residing in Canada) in order to give you the best possible service.

You should also be aware that the name "Blackfoot" is one that can refer to other Indian groups as well. For example, the Cheyenne River Sioux are also known as "Blackfeet" in history. Also, there are some Cherokee and Choctaw people who intermarried with Black Americans in the early history of the United States, and came to be called "Blackfoot". This is another source you may want to pursue.

Any information you have and the $20.00 fee should be sent to the address below. Thank you

Spirit Talk Culture Institute
P.O. Box 477
East Glacier, In the Blackfoot Nation 59434-0477


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